Cayman Islands Real Estate: An Overview

2006-06-06 00:00:00 (GMT) ( - Real Estate News News)

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Liberalization in government’s policies towards real estate has made [Cayman Islands]a hot property destination. As a result of no personal taxes, corporate taxes, capital gain tax, sales tax, income tax, property tax or inheritance taxes, investors are flocking Cayman. Cayman Islands being one of the major tourist destinations attract newer business ideas every now and then. As a result big time businessmen have found Cayman as safe and sound investment preposition. As most of the business in Cayman revolves around tourists, investors are always on a look out for great business setups targeting the tourism industry. Small sea side cottages, big bungalows, lavish hotels all are major points of interest for investors.

Besides investing for profits, people are adopting the Cayman Islands as their homes. Splendid seashores and spectacular tropical mainland attract nature lovers to settle down on the Island itself. Cayman Islands are fully equipped when it comes to facilities and amenities available. All modern means of communication are available here. Schools and hospitals are available at almost all the focal places. Also with steady rise in demand of real estate, properties in Cayman seem to give great returns if you plan to sell it off after sometime.

With growing real estate business in Cayman, many big and small real estate agents and brokers have come up. Some of them are deal within a particular area, while some are dealing with the properties all over the Islands. Whenever you are on a look out for a property, it is always advisable to do some research about the area. A quarterly published magazine “CIREBA” gives an idea and latest [real estate news] about the properties available in Cayman for selling along with the rates. You may also need to find a good real estate agent to know about the properties of your choice and to get the best deals. There are comprehensive lists of real estate agents available on internet. is one of the portals, listing the best real estate agents in Cayman Islands. Its keyword based search gives accurate and desired results. So if you are looking for an agent, you must check out

As mentioned earlier, the law in Cayman is very liberal in terms of buying or selling of properties. Any person can buy or sell real estate in Cayman regardless of his or her nationality, though there are some genuine formalities to be followed for the same. Securing finance in Cayman is not complicated. Generally you can get 10 to 15 years finance terms upon establishing your payment capacity to the banking institution or money lending agencies.
Cayman Islands have about 700 banking institutions compromising both of local and as well as international banks.

A word of advice, you must always seek services from trusted realtors and agents. Cayman being a hot tourist destination, there can be many imposters looking out to make bucks by cheating out. For that we advise you to check the background of the agents and their references if you are new to Cayman. You can always find reliable [real estate agents in Cayman Islands]at

So lets get going to get your dream property amidst the nature’s paradise of great Islands of Cayman. - Press Release Distribution Service


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