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The [Cayman Islands] are a British dependency. The [Cayman government] is a parliamentary democracy. The Cayman Islands Order has the following arms:

· Executive - It represents the British Monarchy. The governor and Governor-in-cabinet

· Legislative - The unicameral legislative assembly with 15 elected and 3 appointed members. The elected members represent the 6 districts.

· Judiciary - It has the Summary Court, Grand Court, Cayman Islands Court of Appeal and the Her Majesty’s Privy Council.

There are 8 districts. The two main political parties are People’s Progressive Movement and United Democratic Party. Queen Elizabeth II is Chief of the State. The Governor is appointed by the Queen and he is the chairperson of cabinet. The cabinet has 8 members out of which 5 members are elected members of legislature while 3 are appointed from the bureaucracy, a minister is chosen as the leader of cabinet. There are 15 elected members who form the legislative assembly, 4 members are elected from Georgetown and West Bay each, Bodden Town has 3 members, Cayman Brac and little Cayman have 2 members, while one member each from North and East end. The elections are held every 4 years unless there is some problem that requires re-election. After the dissolution of the current government elections must be held within two months. You enter the universal adult franchise at the age of 18. The United Kingdom protects the human rights in the islands. Being a UK overseas territory it has cordial relations with all countries.

Prominent Cayman Island Government Representatives:

His Excellency The Governor
Mr. Stuart Jack CVO

Speaker Of The House
Hon. Edna Moyle JP

Chief Justice
Hon Anthony Smellie

Chief Secretary
Hon George A. McCarthy OBE JP CBA

Leader Of Government Business
Hon Kurt Tibbets JP

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