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Cayman Islands is situated in Western Caribbean approximately 150 miles south of Cuba at geographic coordinates of 19 30 N, 80 30 W. Cayman Islands is a group of three islands namely Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. The capital of Cayman Islands is Georgetown, which is situated on the west shore in Grand Cayman. Of the three Cayman Islands, The [Grand Cayman Island], with 78 Square miles area, is the largest. It is approximately 22 miles in length and about 4 miles wide. [Grand Cayman] is a low lying area with highest point being at only 60 ft. above the sea level. North Sound covers area of 35 square miles (approx) and has shallow, reef-protected lagoon.

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman:

Cayman Brac is approximately 89 miles northeast to Grand Cayman and with dimensions of 12 miles in length and 1 ¼ miles in width, it is the second largest among the three [Cayman Islands]. The smallest one is the Little Cayman with approximate length of 10 miles and width of just over a mile. Little Cayman is situated approximately five miles west to Cayman Brac.

The three islands together have a land area of 100 square miles. There is almost 2000 acres of dry forest and mangrove wetlands. Swamps play an important role in the ecological system of Cayman. The weather is tropical and sun shines almost 12 months a year.

Prominent Places in Grand Cayman

There are five districts in Grand Cayman. Some of the important places on the map of Grand Cayman are
· Georgetown-: It is the smallest district and capital of Cayman Islands. It is on the western side. Cayman Island government operates from here. It is a hub for the Island’s banking and business. It is among the most populated areas of Cayman.
· West Bay-: It lies in the northwest part of the island and known for Cayman Architecture.
· Bodden Town-: It is the central district and has the oldest home on the islands, the Pedro’s castle built in 1780
· East End-: It is amongst the least populated districts. People lead a rural lifestyle. The action of blowholes can be witnessed here. The “Wreck of the 10 Sails” can also be seen from a nearby beach.
· North Side-: It is the fifth district in Grand Cayman. It is the least populated. It has the most fertile land. It is very well connected with the other parts. The tip of north side is connected to Seven Mile Beach the busiest part on the islands by public transport.

Seven Miles Beach is situated in Grand Cayman Island and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is a prominent tourist spot.

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