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Find all the resources on [Cayman Islands’ economic statistics] for the local community and global investors. All the latest statistical products and economic reports to help serve the needs of the Caymans population as well as outside interested investors are presented online. The Cayman Islands’ office of Economics and Statistics provides relevant information on the people and economy of the Caymans. Information that can affect the lives and the business environment can also affect the country’s overall prospect of for future growth.

Answers to questions range from population and vital statistics to national income and tourist statistics and all reports are found at Economics & Statistics Office online. Economic stats can decide who wants to invest and what economic prospects are forecasted for the future. Grand Cayman stats on banking, finance, mutual funds and other economic areas of interest are all stored online for easy retrieval. Grand Cayman’s Economic and Statistic Office strives to increase the integrity of their economic data by complying with international standards. Find socio-economic stats through the online guide ranging from population, national income, and financial services statistics, to education, health, and agriculture stats are all found in an easy to navigate site that visitors can download reports from. Cayman banking and finance stats affect more than the Cayman Islands population. Many foreign investors take advantage of the friendly economic and banking environment that Grand Cayman is famous for. Go to Cayman’s Economic & Statistics online site today for more information. - Press Release Distribution Service


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