Lung cancer treatment using Cyber Knife – Non invasive Surgery

2007-11-27 00:00:00 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Computer aided, non invasive radio surgery using CyberKnife to cure lung cancer patients have arose new hopes in patients who cannot withstand definitive surgery

November 26, 2007, Palm Beach Florida, FL: Treatment of lung cancer using the robotic radioactive system of CyberKnife is underway. For patients who cannot take the pressure of surgery, can now take a sigh of relief as CyberKnife brings respite to their ailing condition. CyberKnife through its image guided technology automatically detects the affected parts and by sending the laser rays at the precise location corrects and removes tumors extending minimum damage to the neighboring parts and health tissues.

With surgery not being the right treatment for lung cancer patient who are in advanced stages of the lethal disease and are medically considered to be inoperable cases, alternative treatments can now be administered. External beam radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy or stereotactic body radiotherapy have become the means through which the patients of lung cancer can be treated. CyberKnife with the image guided, computer controlled technology the radiation is also safely administered to the patients with repeated invasion of the disease.

With the number of lung cancer patients growing and with only 25% of patients being eligible for tradition surgery, CyberKnife with its image guided robotic technology has proved to be significant with its non invasive, non surgical method for curing elderly patients suffering with multiple illness including cardiac problems or emphysema and have resulted in successfully treating 10,000 patient worldwide through 35 CyberKnife centers.

Cancer patients are given three days treatment session during which prescribed doses of radiation necessary to combat lung cancer through CyberKnife is administered. These doses equal 4 to 5 weeks of radiation treatment using tradition radiation therapy for cancer. The dosage of radiation is strictly monitored as it is directly linked with the survival of the cancer patient

Treating lung cancer using non invasive robotic radiosurgery system of CyberKnife for patients with pulmonary metastases or with primary or recurrent bronchogenic is safe, curing them through its accuracy in sending the doses of radiation without affecting the health tissues around other parts of human body and helps in increasing the life span of the patients.

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