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2007-11-29 00:00:00 (GMT) ( - Pakistan News News)

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Hopes among the people of Pakistan and in the international community have risen as Musharraf sheds off his uniform and takes oath as the civilian president of the country, promising to bring Pakistan back on the road to democracy.

November 29, 2007, Karachi, Pakistan: Musharraf’s step of handing over the charge of Pakistan’s army chief to General Kayyani is hailed by the world leaders. Mr. Musharraf now prepares to take oath of President of Pakistan today as a civilian president of the country. Mr. Musharraf has promised that he will steer the nation towards democracy in the third and final phase of transition.

Shedding some light on this issue the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told NBC that “This is the first step; a good first step in President Musharraf carrying out is obligation, indeed his promise to take out his uniform. But the decision now needs to be taken to end the state of emergency to allow fair and free election to take place”

Other world leaders including British premier Mr. Gordon Brown also welcomed Mr. Musharraf’s action of giving the command of the army to General Kayyani and hope to see Pakistan back on track toward democracy.

“Mr. Musharraf’s stepping down will not effect the country’s commitment towards war on terror and the country will continue to support United States led coalition forces as it has done for the past 6 years with Mr. Musharraf.” This assurance came out from the Foreign office of Pakistan in Islamabad.

The positive sentiments and the shift in the political structure of Pakistan have raised hopes of better tomorrow in the people of Pakistan. These positive sentiments can be seen from the positive rally at the Karachi Stock Exchange on Wednesday November 28, 2007, where the benchmark of KSE-100 index climbed by 89.47 points closing at 13,884.93 points in wake of positive developments on the political front.

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