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Content has a very vital role to play in any kind of media. Even on internet Content is said to be the king. Search engines have always recommended websites that have good content and even today when Web 2.0 techniques are getting popular content still cannot be replaced by any other thing. is an article directory that allows you to post your articles and write- ups in a categorized manner which can then be marketed using Web 2.0 techniques on sites like, and many more. You can also market your articles by submitting them to RSS submission sites like Bloglines etc.

At Resource School each article is checked manually before making it live. Our Editors, who are spread in different countries, make sure that quality of sites is maintained and proper standards for article submissions are followed. We decline more articles than what we accept. It is therefore important that all articles which are posted should be thoroughly checked before submission and are categorized under appropriate category. We only like original content and any copy pasted articles may result in barring the user allows 3 links to your website and also allows its members to place their google ads within their articles. This way the members can earn money not only from their website but also from whatever the write.

In today’s world where you can get anything popular within minutes this kind of service can allow your articles to gain instant traffic not only through marketing but also through search engines.

At we say WRITE AND EARN!!! - Press Release Distribution Service


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