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CaymanMama News and Press Release distribution service explains benefits of RSS for the website owners.

November 29, 2007, Dallas, TX: RSS is Really Simple Syndication. It is basically a process of web content organization. This is usually used by those people who are in search of certain distinct topics like news articles ad contents and others. You can use RSS for easy search and need not spend time in searching lots of web pages. Data are created in XML format on RSS so it’s not possible for everyone to read them and only software designed to read RSS content called RSS readers or RSS aggregators can read them. RSS document is formally called ‘web feed’ can be full data or the summary of the web content of some specific or website. With RSS you can keep an automatic update of the web feeds from your favorite website.

RSS was first designed by Netscape who wanted XML format to be used in reading news articles, blogs and stories on internet. But they found it too complicated and cancelled the project. Userland developed a version of RSS and named it RSS v2. The original invention of RSS dates back to 1997 when Ramanathan V. Guha created RDF (resource description framework) which is similar to RSS and is used to operate metadata. Metadata is the real information behind the entire news article, reports, stories that publish on internet. The standard version of RSS was created by Netscape in 1999 called RSS 0.90 followed by its latest version 0.91 created by Netscape official Dan Libby. Userland also created RSS 0.91 at the same time but his version has few different features than the one of Netscape. Later RSS project was abandoned by Netscape. A private company O’Reily released RSS 1.0 version which was based on RDF format and its functions were same as of 0.9. Userland later developed RSS 2.0 and when Dave Winer the creator found that other companies are trying to copy and use the standard format in their own name so he handed over the RSS2.0 to non-commercial institution, to Berkman center for internet & society of Harvard Law School.

The web 2.0 is group of social networking, blogs, news articles and other internet services for the use of next generation. This helps to develop and enhance your creativity with collaboration of thousand people around. RSS helps you an easy access to this social networking and allows you to develop more creativity. RSS provides more advanced connectivity and automatically updates blogs, news and views, music, videos to your networking.

Business owners can publish their site content on sites that create RSS feeds Cayman Mama, creates RSS feed for each press release and this is visible in TOP right corner where orange RSS feed icon. People who find the web story can subscribe to this feed using Yahoo, Google or MSN RSS readers to name a few. This will help them find the story fast. If the news story is unique and offers value to the reader they will add RSS feed using RSS aggregator on their site. This creates social buzz and your web site / story will get links from other sites. These links called 1 Way links help in boosting search engine ranking and create visibility.

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