Inmates and the jail employees remain exposed to Mesothelioma Cancer in asbestos laden building reports CaymanMama

2007-12-24 00:00:00 (GMT) ( - Law Top Stories News)

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Risk of Mesothelioma Cancer which is caused by prolonged and continued exposure to the asbestos hounds many jail inmates, prison officials and the judicial staff. The walls of the building which houses Middlesex County Jail and Cambridge Court house are laden with asbestos. The building is need of repairs due to is worsen condition.

Boston, Massachusetts, December 24, 2007: Inmates, the jail officials and the judges are at grave risk of contracting mesothelioma cancer as they are being exposed to asbestos which resides in the Middlesex County Jail building. The old structure of the building requires hundred of thousands of dollars to fix the poor condition. The jail building accommodates 372 inmates who are serving sentences due to the crimes they have committed.

The old building standards has asbestos in the building walls for better insulation. The governor of Boston had kept aside US$143 million for the purpose but due to the shortage of funds on the entirety the over all demand for money for all such projects exceeds limits.

The jail building was ordered to shut down in the year 2005 due to the unsafe and worsening condition of the jail building that is located on top of the court building in Boston Massachusetts but due to the lack of fund and the adequate space to house the inmates, the official continue to use the asbestos laden building. The court officials are of the opinion that at least US$ 30 million will be needed to renovate the building. 101 court rooms are in serious condition.

The building which houses court rooms and the jail is loaded with asbestos. The inmate, prison and the judicial officials are facing a health hazard of being exposed to lethal illness like mesothelioma cancer due to their prolonged exposure to asbestos.

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