Mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis is caused from prolonged exposure to asbestos explains Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer at Shepard Law Firm

2007-12-28 06:41:40 (GMT) ( - Law News)

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Mesothelioma cancer lawyer at Shepards Law Firm explains the rights of claiming compensation for people affected with deadly illness caused by asbestos.

December 27, 2007, Boston, MA, USA: Prolonged exposure to asbestos causes lethal illnesses like mesothelioma cancer, lung cancer and asbestosis. Boston mesothelioma cancer lawyer explains why people who are exposed to such deadly illnesses have the right to claim compensation from the people responsible for bringing unintentional injury to others causing pain, suffering that might even result in the death of persons exposed to asbestos.

Asbestos has been in use since 1940’s and had been widely used till the year 1989. The manufacturers of asbestos and asbestos related products knew the adverse affects of asbestos. The thriving, highly profitable asbestos industry decided not to bring the facts about asbestos to the people’s knowledge as such act would hurt their profitability or might cause them to shut down. The people who worked in asbestos industry or places where asbestos was used as the prime product and their families were worst hit by these asbestos related illnesses.

Asbestos was mostly used in construction, heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), paper mill, metal, automotive, manufacturing, shipyard and textiles. Workers of such industrial sectors inhaled or ingested the small particles of asbestos fiber. They also carried such particles in the cloths, air or shoes thus indirectly affecting their families and friends causing lung cancer, asbestoses and mesothelioma cancer. Due to such non disclosure of facts by the asbestos industry, people prone to illnesses because of exposure to asbestos have the right to claim compensation for the injuries and suffering caused to them.

The mesothelioma lawyer warns people who are effected by asbestos or to the family members who have lost their loved one due to asbestos related diseased must get in touch with mesothelioma lawyers immediately to claim rightful compensation for the pain and suffering caused before their cases for compensation claim gets time barred.

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