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2007-12-29 16:25:22 (GMT) ( - Automotive News)

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Great news for Toyota Camry owners! Elite Spoilers, the online car spoiler and accessories store offers 07 up Toyota Camry Lip Spoiler at US$119/- only. Car owners can also buy body kits, car wings and car accessories for all brands and makes of cars at this online car spoilers store.

Dallas, TX, USA - Elite Spoilers the one stop online car spoilers and accessories store, for car lovers who want to buy car wings, offers Toyota Camry Lip Spoiler for 07 up Toyota Camry cars at cheap price. Elite Spoilers also offers body kits, car wings, billet grills and rear lid car spoilers for all makes and brands of vehicles.

Camry, one of the most successful cars from Toyota is not only well known for its performance and strong engine parts but it is also liked because of its excellent body style and aesthetics. Though Camry does not need any addition to its already good looks yet car lovers love to add on body parts like rear car spoilers or air dams to enhance its looks. Toyota Camry lip spoilers due to its sleek looks add to the car’s beauty when the rear lid is crowned with the Camry lip spoiler.

For just US$119/- with free delivery customer get a chance to purchase a pre-painted 07 up Toyota Camry Lip Spoiler or buy an unpainted one and get it customized with the color of their choice to match the color of the car. It is the best deal as these Camry Lip Spoilers are painted by 3 coats of DuPont paint and further 2 coats are added to reinforce the paint. Buffed and polished to long last, these 07 up Toyota Camry Lip Spoiler are backed by LIFETIME warranty.

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