The uncertain political cloud thickens over Pakistan amidst riots, looting and killings by supporters of the Benazir Bhutto - CaymanMama Pakistan News Desk reports

2007-12-29 16:18:58 (GMT) ( - Pakistan News News)

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After  Benazir Bhutto -  political parties decide to boycott the forthcoming elections

Riots erupt through out the country, particularly in Sindh and Karachi as soon as the news of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination arrived here. The killing of former prime minister increases uncertainty in the political atmosphere of the country.

Karachi, Pakistan: Angry mobs set ablaze more than 1,000 vehicles, banks, government buildings and petrol pumps. They also fired shots wounding many and killing at least 20 in the city of Karachi as the news of assassination of Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto spreads like fire in the country. The world leaders also condemned the killing of the former 2 times Prime Minister of Pakistan. The whole country is in the state of chaos.

Army has been deployed in Karachi and major cities of Sindh province to help police in controlling the law and order situation.

Benazir and her party members had narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in October when she had returned to the country after remaining in self exile for 8 years. She had taken up the political campaign boldly in spite of threats to her life.

The political horizon of the country has been unclear for the past many months and the Late Ms. Bhutto has been placing allegations on the present government as she has been suspecting massive rigging in the forth coming general elections. Other political parties have been pressurizing the Late Ms. Bhutto to boycott the elections that are due to be held in early January next year.

As Ms. Bhutto has being laid to rest next to her father’s grave in her ancestral village Ghari Khuda Buksh, the country’s political future is in question in many quarters. US have urged the government of Pakistan to continue with the democratic transition. The final decision of holding elections per schedule or postponing elections rests with President Pervaiz Musharraf.

The second major political party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) which is headed by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced to boycott the January elections. MQM (Muthada Quami Movement) leaders are also insisting on postponement of the forthcoming general elections

With 2 major players out of election scene and many others political parties like MMA who are not participating in the forthcoming general elections, the credibility of the general election is a big question. It is yet to be seen how President Pervaiz Musharraf handles the delicate political situation of the country.

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