Horror movies are making people sick

2008-01-30 04:57:55 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Entertainment News)

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Atlanta, Georgia: The first dizzy-monster hit of the season “Cloverfield”, made profit of more than $40 million on its opening weekend. The story is being told from the vision of five young New Yorkers via their handheld camera. For some viewers the film is making them sick.
“I had to get up and leave the theatre for nearly 20 minutes just to keep from hurling”, said one of the blogger on the popular movie database IMDB.com.
Large numbers of viewers are not affected by the movie, but those who are affected; the problem is in their head as experts say.
Chairman of Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine) Dr. Michael G. Stewart, at Weil Cornell Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Hospital said, “this is classic case of vertigo, you can look around and feel like things are moving, when they are not.”
Dr. Stewart also added that “Vertigo is caused when a person’s balance system gets befuddled. Your body feels a strong visual commotion of movement but in reality, you aren’t moving at all. The disconnect confuses your brain sensors and can cause dizziness and nausea.”
“It’s just a natural variation. People have different levels of susceptibility, similar to how some people cannot ride on a small boat without getting sick”, said Dr. Stewart.
If watching the movie in theatres affects you, “A person would be fine watching from home. When you are on your couch, you have perspective around the screen so your mind knows the movie is moving and the room isn’t”, added Dr. Stewart.

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