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2008-01-30 17:20:47 (GMT) ( - Entertainment News)

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New York, USA

Brave Clay Aiken is on the way to become next American Idle, has now accepted the role of Sir Robin to play in upcoming “Spamalot”. A singer of American Idol’s second season got immediate fame by participating in the reality program and has made his way to debut in “Spamalot” by Monty Python.

“There’s a lot of pressure,” Aiken speaks. “To think about how many people dream of doing something like this and to have the opportunity is pretty humbling.”

“One of the reasons that it intrigued me was that it was so different. Nobody I think would have expected me to show up in ‘Spamalot,’” Aiken laughs. “It’s very irreverent. … I mean, my character soils his pants on stage multiple times.”

Aiken really didn’t act much and was not even given a chance to act in “Guys and Dolls”, a production during his high school. He is preparing hard for his debutant role and is unable to hide his excitement for it. “I’m having to learn a whole new language. Upstage, downstage. I’m like, ‘Upstage? What’s that mean? Behind? Oh, got it. Why didn’t you just say behind? …’ It makes me crazier than I already am.”

Aiken sold 6 million CDs and continually tries to attract fans towards his concert, completely exhausted by doing preparations for his debut role, confesses to being sore. Aiken’s gave his first performance on Friday.

He further says, “Probably more preparation has gone into this than anything I’ve ever done, it’s not just learning music and lines and even steps. It’s mentally preparing yourself to do all of it at once”.

He said that he was already inspired a lot from this character robin and this inspiration actually made him to make something like music that he does. He says, “It’s a very small world — kind of a full-circle thing”. - Press Release Distribution Service


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