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2008-01-31 17:53:12 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Ezine Articles News)

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Obesity is a curse of our modern day life. Our life style and our eating habits are the main cause behind the fat that we carry. We, all of us, without exception seem to take care of our cars, TV sets, home decoration items and all of our material belongings except our bodies.

Without fail after every couple of months people start thinking of the reduce fat, want to look smart like Tom Cruise and want to jump into a diet pattern only to fail and end up eating more of unwanted junk. Our bodies too reject such food intake and show signs of tiredness, fatigue, headaches and many more similar small things making us ready for bigger health issues.

Rushing to a gym or starting up on weight reduction pills might not sound like a good thought. We are creatures of nature and cannot stay away from chocolates, desserts, junk food. A little time away for these foods and we feel starving, isn’t it true.

Let me take all the reader to an easy journey of weight reduction. Let’s start with:

a) Water – The easiest thing you can do is increase the intake of water. Doctors too, suggest that our bodies need 8 glasses of water daily. This is not only to prevent dehydration but also helps in passing out toxins from our bodies. With less intake of water, bodies go into conservation mode. Water retention means extra weight.

b) Fiber – Eat more fiber, more greens and fresh fruits. Instead of a chocolate bar how about an apple or an orange

c) Cut sugar – I know you cannot completely rule out sugar, not instantly but gradual decrease in intake of sugar will help a lot in reducing weight

d) Fat – Cutting down juicy pizza and keeping away from Big Mac is difficult. But its better if stay away from fatty fast food

e) Exercise – Buying a thread mill or paying for gym membership might be waste of money. Start taking baby steps first. A little brisk of 10 minutes to start with will help you. Use tracks to run around a little one lap at a time. Slowly and gradually increase and you will find yourself enjoying the ritual. It will do the trick,

So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and loose some pounds of fat. Start now.

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