Be Healthy and Look Young with Vitamin C

2008-02-28 15:44:15 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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According to a new report, the usefulness of vitamin C was brought out to a much larger extent. Vitamin C, earlier known as a remedy of cold only, is now help in curing other ailments like disease of Alzheimer, fend off strokes, and cancer in the people.

Scientist have now started taken the use of vitamin C to a more serious context and have found that this particular group of vitamin family helps people to stay healthy and provide them a younger look apart from combating cold. They found out latest fact on vitamin C that helps to prevent many things such as prevent wrinkles, protect heart, keep cancer away, boost your brain power and save eyesight.

It was argued by the experts that whether vitamin C actually prevent heart from getting diseased or not. But according to some persuasive evidence, this consideration came out to be as truth. Researchers of Harvard University studied recently that women who intake a combination of vitamin C and vitamin E in 500 mg and 600 IU respectively have effectively reduced their stroke risk by 30 percent.

Same as all the beauty products coming these days are containing vitamin C in them. According to Patricia Farris, an MD dermatologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, vitamin c helps to for collagen, and therefore smoothes wrinkles and fine lines appearing on the face. Similarly, a diet enriched with vitamin C is not only good for heart but also lower the risks of stomach, esophagus, lung and bladder cancers. Doctors at the University of Kansas Medical School along with Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia are trying to cure cancer in cancer patients by a therapy of Vitamin C as said by Levine. In addition to this, it helps to boost your brain power, save eye sight and if your family is at risk of overweight, additional supplements of vitamin c will do the job. - Press Release Distribution Service


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