Enticing women gamers, also Game Creators

2008-02-29 16:09:07 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Technology News)

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It was reported by CNN that around 38 percent of women are playing computers game and on an average spend their 7.4 hours a week as compare to more and more boyfriends and husbands who are gaming second fiddle to it, according to the entertainment Software Association.

Torrie Dorell, senior vice president of global sales and marketing for Sony Online Entertainment, revealed at a nightclub in San Francisco on Tuesday that her husband hates her because she is a full-on player. She is not only a gamer but also a working lady who has made her career in that just because her gaming passion. As she spends too much of her time in playing ‘EverQuest 2’, she has reached to the level of ‘Officer’ in that game.

In fact a scholarship program has been developed on SOE, G.I.R.L., Gamers In Real Life, with the help of her colleagues so as to attract more and more youngsters especially women to build their career in game development in a way to balance this equation. According to Dorell, a significant numbers of women are out from playing action games, MMOs, and first-person shooters which shows that women lack equation in such games. It is quite obvious that men are more appearing in any video game gathering than women in the gaming industry.

According to sales data and studies, it has been showed that around 55 percent of the players are women who are more into casual games like ‘Nintendo DS’ and they make up even more in social games like ‘The Sims’.

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