The financing job quest of Joshua Hager

2008-03-29 15:59:02 (GMT) ( - News)

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New York: CNN reported that last week, Joshua Hager, a resident of Jersey, N.J., was hopeless, as he was laid off by a mortgage company and  was looking for any kind of job from risk analyst to a bank teller. He had been sending out at least 10 resumes per day but was not getting any reply from any of the recruiters or employers. This week, there is some hope, as he went for an interview for the job of a fraud investigator in a company of mortgage insurance and one for the position of an under-writing employees dishonesty insurance. The executives have told him that they will decide upon him within the next 10 days.
Hager has worked in Navy for 3 years after which he entered into the booming industry of mortgage in the year 2003. Initially he joined CFC as the junior loan processor, and within the first year, he got promoted to the position of an underwriter. He loved this position because here, he got to analyse the applications of the borrowers and determine the risks involved in lending to them.
“It’s always flowed for me,” says 29 year old Hager. He discovered that he loves mathematics and finance when he was in a high school at Proctorville, Ohio. “I’ve always had a job and every time I changed jobs, it was for advancement. Now, it’s like ‘What do I do with myself because I can’t wait for that next step.’” Experts say that with such a vast flood in the market, it is very difficult for the unemployed people to get a job. “How many people will be swamping the job market?” Hager says “Everybody in finance will be looking for a job.” - Press Release Distribution Service


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