Sound monitors help fetal development

2008-03-29 15:58:01 (GMT) ( - Education News News)

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Indianapolis, IN
It was reported that a louder voice may result in weakening fetal heart rates, making them sick or premature, according to a neonatologist at Riley Hospital, Dr. William Engle. And this may also affect their development and healing process while interfering in their sleep as babies perform most of their development during they sleep.

Therefore, to keep babies healthy and developing, whenever the sound levels go beyond the level of normal conversation, warning lights began to flash in Riley Hospital in order to keep snoozing patients undisturbed. This happens when the colors on the new monitoring system begin transforming from green to yellow and then to red, making the louder chatty people, parents, as well as doctors alert to keep their sound level normal so that babies get complete rest they require for their proper growth and development.

It was also said that preemies need to stay silent so that babies can properly learn the voice of their mothers and the brains about to born babies figure out to perfectly process sound, the things that usually happened at the last moment, a baby takes birth.

According to Dr. Bob White, a neonatologist at South Bend’s Memorial Hospital, the idea to install a monitoring system in order to maintain peace inside the neonatal intensive care unit is really a great idea which is very necessary for an infant’s overall growth. - Press Release Distribution Service


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