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2008-04-01 04:51:12 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Miami: Morse LLC, the Miami CyberKnife cancer treatment center, educates the public about the non-invasive, image guided radio therapy system of treating cancer. CyberKnife centers are out patient departments where the patients are brought for treatment from Monday to Saturday during which patients can avail treatment sessions. With the expertise of highly qualified medical and technical professionals, cancer patients and can walk out treated without tumors or lesions.

The team of doctors, medical and technical staff at the Miami CyberKnife center includes one neurosurgeon or general surgeon, medical physicist, radiation-oncologist, radiation technologist and a qualified registered nurse to take care of the cancer patients and help them through the CyberKnife surgery process. The treatment session usually lasts between 60 to 90 seconds. Before the cancer treatment session, the patients have to go through a pre treatment session with the doctors. Either CT or MRI is done and in case of brain tumors a mesh mask of the patient is made. The purpose of mash mask is to restrict the patient’s movement during the treatment session.

In non intra cranial condition markers called fiducials are placed inside the patents body. These markers help the doctors at the CyberKnife treatment centers to localize the treatment area. Fiducial can be placed inside the human body by their physical in their out patient department and do not usually require hospitalization and if left inside the body after CyberKnife treatment is harmless.

During the treatment the doctors do not drill holes of cut the patients open and no blood is lost. During the CyberKnife non invasive surgery the patient is made to lie down on the treatment bed in the air-conditioned room and the prescribed doses of radiation are administered to the cancerous areas of the body. No anesthesia is given to the patient and the patient remains conscious throughout the treatment session.

No pain, no blood and no after effects is a benefit of the CyberKnife treatment plan. Patients can simply walk away as soon as their treatment session is over. It is the best non invasive, radio surgery system using robotic arm to administer prescribed doses of radiation to patient for curing tumors or lesion.

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