Depleting ice shelf of Antarctica

2008-03-31 16:46:35 (GMT) ( - Featured News)

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With the collapse of 160 square miles Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica, it could lead to the death of numerous sea creatures from the world. With this, it is inevitable that most of people will never able to sea polar bear and penguin. However, according to scientists, one can already find changes in flora and fauna due to warming of temperature. According James McClintock, a marine biologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “Because of their extreme environments, they tend to be highly sensitive to temperature changes.” He continued that “Therefore, what we see happening in the poles should be taken as warning of what may be coming elsewhere.”

According to the US Ice and Snow data center, for the past 50 years, western Antarctic Peninsula has faced biggest increase in temperature, almost up to 9 degree Fahrenheit since past fifty years.

However, Krill is never beautiful as penguins and whales, but these crustaceans of Antarctic are useful in order to maintain the ecology of its area. However, Krill is the first species that has adapted itself in the face of changing temperature. However, according to scientists, the decrease in the levels of krill can decrease sea ice of winters. McClintock said that “As babies, krill live under the sea ice and graze on microalgae. With a decline in sea ice, there is less habitat for young krill.”

Well, for many enviroenment experts, the reason for the decline of krill is the fact that is the fact that whales feed on krill. - Press Release Distribution Service


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