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2008-04-28 15:05:43 (GMT) ( - Technology News)

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Ann Arbor, Michigan (AP): CNN reported that hundreds of librarians have been involved in digitizing the most delicate books by including them in the Google’s Book Search. This will lead users to access almost all of the estimated number of books of the world. Courtney Mitchel, who has also been involved in the process said that manually scanning 600 pages every day of each book is ‘monotonous’ and is a rather slow process, and the room in which they work is always cold, “But it’s still something that I’m learning about — how to interact with really old materials and working with digital imaging, which is relevant to art history.”

The tight binding of the books are hard to be exposed to the scanner and each pair of pages have to be spread up for the scanners.
A large number of libraries began to digitize the books almost 10 years ago to keep them preserved. Through this Book Search, the users will be able to track a book on all the topics that they are interested in. If there are no copyrights to the book, the users can also download the whole book on their desktop, otherwise they will have to buy it or borrow it.

44 years old Israel, who is scanning books for almost three years says, “My favorite part is working with older books and being able to preserve a lot of the knowledge and help bring more people access…I turn pages. It’s kind of meditative.” - Press Release Distribution Service


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