’24’fans get ready for ‘Rookie’

2008-04-30 18:12:01 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Entertainment News)

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Los Angeles, California: For all those fans of ‘24’, Fox brings the new thriller series ‘Rookie’, an online offspring that stars Jeremy Valdez as Jason Blaine, a character that was seen in ‘24’s’ fifth season. Valdez says, “It’s sort of like what CSI: Miami is to CSI. It’s something similar, yet different. It definitely has its own legs.”

The 5 minute ‘Rookie’ webisodes is in its third phase and it couldn’t have been better timed for the fans of ‘24’who waited desperately for the show due to writer strike and had to go without their favorite season. Titled as the “Day 3-Extraction”, the current installment of ‘Rookie’ is presented as a thirty minute show that is available on the Internet, or one can have through on demand with Direct TV and Comcast.

According to the executive producer of ‘24’, Manny Coto, “It’s becoming an incredible way … to help people get through a long dry spell caused by the strike.” For Kevin Townsend, the co writer for ‘Rookie’ said, “If Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne had a love child, it would be Jason Blaine.” He further said that “He’s a younger more ambitious, less experienced — but no less talented — version of those two characters.”

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