Indian Muslims outraged on blasphemous questions in MA exams

2008-05-27 14:29:12 (GMT) ( - India News News)

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New Delhi ( — It began with Holland, Denmark. The virus of Blasphemy has now come to India. The Muslim students at Ranchi University were made to answer question concerning the HOLY Prophet (PBHM) in the History paper of MA which was wrongly worded. The deliberate act by the paper setter has not been taken lightly by the Muslim students and the Muslim community

The enraged students gathered immediately and demonstrated against the Blasphemy committed by the teacher of the University, Police had to interfere to disperse the enraged students. Almost after 3 weeks, the people of the area are in rage and demanding the administration of the university to sack the offender.

The University officials refuse to give away the name of the culprit for security reasons.

The question that arises here is that Muslim respect Jesus, Moses and all the messengers sent by GOD, they also respect the Hindu’s religion. But why is the west and other non Muslim countries always searching and succeeding in finding ways to insult the Icon of the ISLAM. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He is as sacred and as honorable as the other messengers of GOD.

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