Robots with fur for pet owners with allergies

2008-05-30 14:13:15 (GMT) ( - Technology News)

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Vancouver, British Columbia ( — Steve Yohanan always loved his cat while he worked at home and loved the way she purred. After developing an allergy to his cat, he missed the emotional touch and was though how could he study such emotional responses. Presently, Yohanan is a 40 year old Ph.D student at Department of Computer Science in the British Columbia University; Vancouver came up with a prototype robotic creature that helps in figuring out the ways in which human touch communicates.

With the help of such robotic device, one can easily know more about the touch sensitive communication. Though this research can have implications on robot pets but Yohanan is more interested in human to touch. Yohanan said, “I hope that this opens up interaction when you’re dealing with social interaction, specifically kind of in a more general robotics sense, but also if you’re dealing with mediated interaction, so if you’re using technology to interact with another person.”

The fur robots appear to be rabbit sans eyes, mouth and nose. Yohanan deliberately left the facial features of the robot pet because he was more interested in the emotional response to touch. However, the creature does not move but people will feel its purring and breathing while it will be responding to human touch. - Press Release Distribution Service


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