The wrong side of the law

2008-05-31 15:22:44 (GMT) ( - Dallas News News)

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Garland, TX (CaymanMama) - In today’s day and age you never know which person could be a hidden threat to society- not even the “good guys” such as fire fighters and police men. In the latest Dallas news, forty year old firefighter, Walter Dunagin II, was charged with assault for beating up his teenage son.

Mr. Dunagin actually has two previous assault charges on his record, however none of them resulted in a conviction. His son is 15 years old and resided with his mothers side of the family after his mothers death a couple of years back, but eventually started living with his father again.

While Mr.Dunagin was not aware of the assault charges that he was facing he did declare that he did not want to speak anything of the charges without his lawyer present. Dunagin has been working for the same fire station for about 8 years now, and his employees were even unaware of the charges.

One thing is truly clear- being someone on the law’s side firefighters and police officers should know better from committing such crimes. “He knows it and should be turning himself in,” said Mesquite police Sgt. Doug Yates, regarding the arrest warrant. - Press Release Distribution Service


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