Health Insurance a Luxury for Many Young Americans

2008-05-31 15:25:11 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Dallas, Texas ( — When young adults turn eighteen, they enter a new chapter of their lives that require enormous amounts of money. With the rising costs of college tuitions, books and housing, college students are battered with fees. Another item to add to that financially crippling list is health insurance. Many young Americans cannot afford health insurance and as a result 38% of high school graduates and 34% of college graduates are uninsured. In 2006, 13.7 million Americans from 19 to 29 years of age were without health insurance.

Sara Collins is the assistant vice president at the Commonwealth Fund and the co-author of the report that closely followed the rising rates of young adults in America without health insurance since 2003. Collins explains that most health insurance programs will not cover college graduates. Government health insurance programs like Medicaid will end coverage as soon as the age of 19. Although there are not many cases where young adults heavily use the health care system, when they rarely use the system it is usually because of an accident that entails massive expenses in the end. In effort to solve this problem, twenty states have passed legislation that requires insurance companies to prolong the coverage of minors past the age of 19. A federal law has also been proposed to allow coverage for dependent children of government employees until the age of 25.

Collins continues to say that many of those who are uninsured are in lower income families. If the proposed law to extend the age limit for insurance coverage goes into place, approximately 7.6 million young adults in lower income families will be insured. As another possible method of relief, states that fund universities could allow them to offer health insurance for its college students. The ultimate goal however is to provide Americans with more affordable health care because health insurance should not be a luxury.

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