Sting operation against illegal contractors - Nassau County New York City

2008-06-29 01:55:12 (GMT) ( - Business News)

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New York City, NY (CaymanMama.Com) — CNN reported that the authorities of the Nassau County carried out a 2-month investigation during which a trap was set for the illegal construction contractors. The officials said that these contractors cheated the homeowners for about $150,000. Kathleen Rice, the District Attorney, said on Friday that the homeowners trust these contractors and give them money but they do is either do the work partly or carelessly or not at all in some cases. The sweep included by Rice includes New York City, Westchester and Nassau. As a result of the operation, dozens of contractors were arrested, over 130 vehicles were seized and 700 citations were held.
As a part of investigation in Nassau, a sting undercover was involved on May Street, South Hempstead. The authorities targeted the unlicensed contractors who had filed complaints at the office of the consumer affair of the county. The officials said that when the contractors agreed to do the work and gave their estimates, they were immediately arrested based on the complaints against them.
In Nassau, felony was charged against four contractors and misdemeanor against over 2 dozens of them. These contractors are accused for accepting large amount of dollars for doing work they either left incomplete or never started. Approximately 500 inspections undercover were conducted in the New York City as a result of which 93 vehicles were seized that were in use by the unlicensed contractors. The officials said the contractors of the New York City are require to get a home improvements license which totals to $200.

In order to avoid being deceived, always use licensed contractors, seek referrals, check consumer protection agencies and avoid paying in cash. Also remember to retain progress payments and paperwork in record. Homeowners have the right to cancel their contract within 3 days, so always check the contract for such outlines. It is illegal of the contractors to make arrangements for loans, so always seek a credit union or bank for options of financing. - Press Release Distribution Service


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