Arctic ice cover in a melting down phase

2008-06-30 15:10:34 (GMT) ( - World News News)

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Hartford, Connecticut ( — The scientists of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado have stated that the northern pole of the earth will become free of ice by September as the sea ice in the Arctic has been melting away due to global warming.

Mark Serreze, the senior research scientist of the center, said that the ice was frozen during the autumn and there is a 50% chance of the thin sea ice being completely melted away on the North Pole. Due to the global warming crisis, the ice cover over the Arctic sea has become remarkably thinner over the last few decades. Serreze said that whether the ice cover of the North Pole melts completely or not this summer season depends largely upon specific patterns of the weather this year.

What can be done is to wait for the right time and right weather pattern to get rid of the ice so that the Northwest Passage (sea route via Arctic Ocean) can be opened up.

The melting of the ice cover has long been expected but was not foreseen so soon. Earlier, it had been estimated that the melting will take place anywhere around the year 2050-2100, but recently the estimates were revised and concluded upon 2030. Unfortunately, the melting phase is happening sooner and nature is changing rapidly.

There are many positive aspects of the melting ice, said Serreze. The ships will be able to use Northwest Passage thereby saving energy and time as they will no longer have to travel around Cape Horn or via Panama Canal. There is oil on the bottom of Arctic Ocean and melting of ice will be make it accessible to the humans. Serreze says that now, the melting down of the Arctic ice is inevitable and we are going to have cold seasons for several years. - Press Release Distribution Service


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