Alzheimer’s drug give new hope

2008-07-30 18:23:33 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Gary, Indiana ( — Through extensive experimentation, scientists have developed a drug for Alzheimer’s at Aberdeen University that will provide fresh hope to people suffering from the brain disease. The drug was developed after making sure that mental deterioration of the sufferers came to a halt for a time period of at least eighteen months during the trial. The results, which were declared at the International Conference of Alzheimer’s, suggests that the drug may be twice as effective as any other treatment that is presently available, as reported by the Alzheimer Society’s head, Clive Ballard.

Aberdeen colleagues and Claude Wischik designed the drug in order to dissolve the knots of protein fibres that build up in the patient’s brain. There are some scientists who believe these knots or tangles to be mainly responsible for the destruction of the neurons thereby causing mental characteristics of the disease to decline.

The trial included 321 patients in Singapore and Britain who were separated into groups receiving a placebo or the drug. Brain scans and cognitive tests declared that the patients who were treated fared better than the total control group. One of the various drugs of Alzheimer is that of ‘rember’, which was developed for the modification of Alzheimer’s. These drugs have the main treatment beyond the first generation of drugs, which boosted the activities of neurotransmitters. These improved the symptoms but failed to address the disease.

Dr. Ballard reported, “clearly both pathologies are important in the disease but I think research has perhaps been skewed too much towards the plaques.” He further said that a successful treatment might need the triple blending of drugs in order to fight the tangles and plaques along with boosting the activity of the neurotransmitter. - Press Release Distribution Service


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