Abducted family in Massachusetts

2008-07-31 16:57:41 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - News)

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A man was accused of abducting his four children along with his wife from an apartment in Massachusetts where another lady was also found brutally stabbed. According to the sources of police, this man was arrested on Wednesday while , the mother and her children are reported to be in absolutely good health.

The State police in New York and Massachusetts have issued the Amber Alerts for children as they range from 11 months up to 3 years. The authorities also commented that they allegedly believe that Petitbois is extremely dangerous as well as armed.

Prosecutors in Massachusetts also added further that Petitbois, 25, is also expected to get arraigned on the charge of murder in Brooklyn on the coming Thursday.

Petitbois was in the custody of the police of New York City on Wednesday night and was not available for any kind of comment.

The authorities also told the media persons that the mother along with children had spoken to the investigators at the police precincts. In the earlier comments, authorities had briefed that Louna Eveillard, the wife of Petitbois might have a stab wound on her hand. The New York police saw the wound but is still unclear about how she actually received it. otherwise the family was found in good state of health.

The last registered address of the children’s parents was in Brooklyn. On the other side, the police of New York City had sighted the couple in borough in the Wednesday afternoon.

Blodgett also said that the authorities happen to believe that there was social bonding between Etienne and this abducted family. This link is being investigated thoroughly so that case can be solved at the earliest. As per the reports of Jonathan Blodgett when he commented in one of the releases from Massachusetts, the Essex District Attorney, Rodlyn Petitbois was arrested when he walked down to one of the Brooklyn streets and his wife and children were found in sound condition in that apartment of the borough.

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