AIDS neglected in Black Americans

2008-07-31 16:27:26 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Brooklyn, New York ( — In some U.S. cities, the rate of HIV among black Americans is very close to that of people in developing countries of Africa, according to a report released by the Black AIDS Institute. As per the report, if blacks in the U.S. have constituted their own country, the nation will be ranking at the 16th position for people having and living with HIV, 105th position for life expectancy and the 88th rank for infant mortality.

The United States is at the vanguard of the AIDS and HIV global response but it lacks the sense of urgency when faced with the crisis. “Left Behind! Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic” includes details about the total number of the black American population that is infected by HIV. It also exceeds the total number of people suffering from the virus in seven countries that are served by the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief by the President.

The CEO and founder of the Black AIDS Institute, Phill Wilson reported, “When we give aid to foreign countries, we demand that they have a national AIDS plan, but we don’t have a plan in the United States.” The report has been created to make a call for the nation to act on the prevention of HIV in black communities with increased HIV testing. After the situation was announced through the report, AIDS leaders said that there is an urgent need to work on the black communities so that the public can get enough strength to fight the prejudice and stigma suffered.

Rev. Al Sharpton reported in a news conference that after watching the critical and disproportionate levels of AIDS in the community of Black Americans, the issue should be the most important main concern in the United States. - Press Release Distribution Service


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