Cheech and Chong on a new comedy tour

2008-07-31 16:13:57 (GMT) ( - Entertainment News)

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San Diego, California ( — Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin, two of the most well-known law breakers of the 70’s, disclosed plans for their latest comedy tour more than twenty five years after their split.

Cheech and Chong: Light Up America will hit 22 cities in the United States beginning in Philadelphia on September 12 and finishing on December 20 in Denver, Colorado. During that time, they will play in Washington, Los Angeles, Miami and several other major cities.

Chong said, “This is a moment that I’ve been looking forward to for many, many years because we have such a legacy and history together that we couldn’t escape it, even if we tried.”

Cheech and Chong were the biggest winning comedy group of the 1970’s with successful movies and chart topping records based upon their trademark of marijuana-influenced humor. They were the “potheads” which appealed to youth steeped in personal independence spawned by the hippies of the 1960’s.

Cheech added that their funniness about doing the stupid things while stoned must still appeal to today’s youth in addition to their  original fans.

Marin further said, “We have had the younger audience all along. Every time they get to that certain age, they go through that Cheech & Chong period of watching the movies, listening to the records. So, it’s almost like a rite of passage.”

The funny couple stated that the tour will be purely theatrical and will also depend on the sizable financial plan, which Live Nation, the company or the organization responsible for the tour, can gather together. When the duo toured before during their careers, the couple’s prop was a sack made of cloth, on the other hand the new tour will have huge video screens to blaze the images on. - Press Release Distribution Service


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