Discovery: Greek computer technology in 100 B.C.

2008-07-31 16:06:18 (GMT) ( - Technology News)

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Cleveland, Ohio ( — After carrying out a close examination of the surviving marvels of Greek technology popularly known as Antikythera Mechanism, various scientists have discovered that the particular device not only helped in predicting solar eclipses, but also contributed in organizing the calendar of the Olympiad in cycles of four years. These new discoveries hinted that the concept of the mechanism owes its origins to the Corinth colonies and specifically to Syracuse, Sicily. The scientists declared that this discovery implies a possible link with Archimedes.

Antikythera Mechanism is also known as the first analog computer that was recovered from a ship’s wreckage about a century ago. It is supposed that the ship sank off the island of Antikythera. The research studies that were carried out in the past proved that the device was built between the time period of 140 and 100 B.C.

Dr. Tony Freeth, a filmmaker and mathematician, said in the journal report that the name of the months owes their origin from Corinth which clearly suggests that the heritage is going back to the period of Archimedes. Researchers also reported that the connection of the mechanism with the Corinthians was unexpected as the other cargo that was affected during the shipwreck showed possibilities of being from the Mediterranean places such as Rhodes, Pergamon and Kos. The months that are inscribed on the particular instruments are a complete match with the ones that are inscribed on the calendars from Epirus and Illyria in Greece and with the Corfu Island. The time period of seven months indicate the possible connection with Syracuse.

Dr. Freeth further said that this mechanism holds various mysteries. As per historians and scientists, the major questions are those regarding the mechanisms place in the Greek technology development that remains a mystery. - Press Release Distribution Service


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