Speculation of the new iPod line sets fans ablaze!

2008-08-29 04:14:38 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Featured Technology News)

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Garland, Texas- (CaymanMama.com) For all those Apple fans who search the news headlines everyday for a new keynote speech from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, or a new line of their superior quality products, look no further! Almost every year the company whose name has been associated with high quality products, as well as some of the most famous electronic devices, decides to release a new generation of iPods typically in September or October.

Well the wait is over, on September 9th, Apple will indeed be launching an updated line of the iPod series. While the iPod ‘Classic’ will remain the same, the iPod ‘Touch’, an iPod version of the iPhone, will receive an updated software as well as some minor cosmetic changes. Now for the big one! The 4th Generation of iPod ‘Nano’s’. The new nano will feature a completely different design and will also have a price cutback. Although nothing has been mentioned about the memory as of yet, we hope that they will maybe upgrade the memory. The design of the ‘nano’ has been rumored to have ditched the stout look and gone for the sleeker and slimmer design that the 1st and 2nd generation had. Besides a new line of iPod’s, there will also finally be a new version of iTunes out!

Sadly, many features have been left out of the new new ipod line. We have yet to hear about FM radio, a camera for the iPod ‘Touch’, as well as many more. For these we can only wait and see.

Staff Reporter, Ali Qamar

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