Cayman Islands brace for the worst as Tropical Storm Gustav approaches

2008-08-29 14:57:53 (GMT) ( - Cayman Islands Featured News)

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Hurricane Gustav

Grand Cayman, CaymanIslands  ( — The approaching storm, high winds and potential damage is quickly approaching and the usual calm and scenic Cayman Islands are bracing themselves for the worst of Tropical Storm Gustav.

In view of the fact that the exact path of the storm is still unknown, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts strongly encouraged the residents of the Cayman Islands to prepare themselves and their families. According to the Cayman Compass online news website, Tibbetts said, “You want to be in your best prepared mode possible. You want to make sure you’ve done everything physically possible to prepare for this storm.”

Puzzling meteorologists from the day it formed, Gustav further puzzled experts after it traveled from the coast of Haiti heading to the south instead of traveling west–northwest as originally forecasted. Yesterday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami predicted that the eye of Gustav would cross Grand Cayman late Friday evening in the form of a full blown hurricane. The torrential storm is predicted to be “going through a period of rapid intensification at the time.” Forecasters expect the winds to begin to howl at approximately 2:30 pm CST. Expert Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski expects that the storm will strengthen as it passes over the Islands. “Where Gustav tracks with respect to Jamaica will have a huge impact on its strength,” he said. Kottlowski is also concerned that if Gustav crosses over the northern mountain region of Kingston in Jamaica, it could disrupt the storm and intensify it.

Cayman’s Sister Islands such as Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have completed their preparations for the storm and Sister Islands Commissioner Ernie Scott noted that he is confident about their preparations but are not “naive” enough to believe that they are safe from damage.

Cayman Airways added three additional jet flights from the Brac providing a quick way for tourists and residents to escape the storm before it makes landfall. All visitors to Little Cayman left the island by Wednesday, however it was not made clear as to how many still remained on Cayman Brac.

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