Blackberry makes a bold statement, with the “Blackberry Bold”

2008-09-28 04:05:54 (GMT) ( - Featured Technology News)

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When the Apple iPhone 3G was announced back in June, smartphone fans who did not support the phone were eagerly awaiting the Google Phone. The T-Mobile G1 was announced on September 23rd, and was available on a pre-order 2 year contract basis. Come October 3rd, blackberry savvy users will be in for a real treat!

On October 3rd, 2008, the Blackberry “Bold” will be available at all AT&T stores. While this phone has some features like its very popular and sexy predecessor, the “Curve”, the “Bold” goes ten steps further by adding 3G, and getting a major makeover.
Surprisingly, the “Bold” looks fairly similar to the iPhone 1st generation design, but happens to be slightly thicker. It comes with a standard 2 megapixel camera, GPS system, QWERTY keyboard, web browser, IM, and of course 3G. Being that the “Bold” is Blackberry’s first 3G phone, we hope that it will live up to the name, and work at the speed of light, or at least close. As for interface, the Blackberry interface which was seen on the pearl and the curve, is history and a new stunning but user friendly one is put to use.

Overall, CaymanMama, is quite excited for the release of this phone. It is everything a phone should be, and more. So, for those of you who felt the need to switch over to T-Mobile just to get the “G1” hold your horses, and check out the “Bold.” Again, it will be available in stores October 3rd, and is rumored to be set at $299 with a 2 year contract. - Press Release Distribution Service


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