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2008-09-29 18:46:07 (GMT) ( - Business Law News)

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Most employers are aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to accommodate disabled employees. But businesses should also be aware that minor accommodations may help their disabled clients and visitors feel more comfortable. In addition to complying with the requirements set by state and federal law, Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse advises service-oriented companies to:

• Train employees to treat disabled clients with compassion and deference. Employees should attempt to minimize the effect of a client’s disability while treating the client with the same respect given to any other client.
• Arrange reception room furniture so that visitors can easily maneuver on crutches or in wheelchairs. Place client conference rooms close to the front entrance so that clients must move only a short distance.
• To accommodate a visually-impaired visitor, provide bright lighting and keep a magnifying glass handy. Employees should be prepared to read documents to a vision-impaired visitor or to provide the visitor with a large-print version of the document. Employees should be instructed not to touch a service animal without permission.
• To accommodate a client with a hearing impediment, employees should look directly at the client and speak strongly and clearly. Employees should be prepared to use written notes or to type notes on a shared computer screen if a hearing-impaired visitor does not read lips.

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