Frisco, Texas faux painter unveils Tuscany Color Collection for the fall

2008-10-20 20:41:58 (GMT) ( - Dallas News Press Release News)

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Dallas, Texas ( — The colors of Tuscany have captured the eye of artists around the world with the rich, warm colors and overall antiqued ambiance that fuses old world charm and modern style.

The Tuscan region along the Mediterranean coast of Italy has become synonymous with style because of its inviting colors and textures. If you are looking to add a touch of the Tuscan countryside to your home, Evie’s Easel, a Frisco, Texas faux painter has the ideal color collection for you.

“Unveiling the company’s Tuscany Color Collection has been a long time in the making,” said Eva Musquiz, Chief Creative Officer of Evie’s Easel. “The rich reds, oranges and yellows of the Tuscan countryside have always caught my eye and I feel that they can make any room inviting and authentic.”

Just in time for fall, Evie’s Easel Tuscany Color Collection can be adapted in virtually any room and on any surface. The main reason that the Tuscan color palette is so appealing is due to the fact that the heritage comes from Italy’s inspiring landscape and agriculture. The traditional colors used in Tuscan faux painting are earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, deep browns as well as blues and gold which evoke memories of sunny days and cloudless skies.

These colors reflect the beauty of the countryside. Eva has a special connection to those colors and has adopted them into her faux finishing techniques including aged plaster and Olde World faux textures. The allure of a Tuscan villa is due to intricate masonry in the form of marble floors and counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms which can be replicated for a more affordable price by the artisans at Evie’s Easel. Faux stone work can also accentuate fireplaces and foyers bringing the earthy feeling indoors.

Evie’s Easel faux painting techniques also include:

  • Drip Washes
  • Textures
  • Game Room/Media Room Makeovers
  • Cabinet re-dos
  • Faux Tin Effects
  • Faux Suede
  • Faux Plaster
  • Hammered Copper
  • Plastered Stucco
  • Realistic Stone Effects
  • Color washing
  • Lettering
  • Fireplace re-dos
  • Simple Glazing
  • Realistic Stone
  • Design Services

Tuscany is a region that is rich in culture and history with a deep connection to the land. Evie’s Easel Tuscany Color Collection has used that inspiration and reflects the essence of Italy with earthy colors and textures that can add charisma to any decor.

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