Pakistan / India Edge towards possible military stand off

2008-11-29 17:52:13 (GMT) ( - Pakistan News News)

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Islamabad: Next 48 hours are very crucial for Pakistan, as India has threatened Pakistan of a possible military action in reply to the Mumbai saga which India thinks had generated from Pakistan.

Mumbai mayhem, as reported by the Indian media, has now ended and the security agencies are now going from room to room of the Taj to search for evidences. The nature and the strength of the Mumbai attacks, as reported by the media could not have been carried out without length of planning. The Indian media also reports that the terrorists had arrived in India a month earlier and that the arms and ammunition were planted in the besieged hotels weeks before. All such acts prove security lapses or an internal plot carried out by own people with the blessings of the security agencies.

Indian media spoke of Pakistan’s involvement as soon as the first terrorist activity in Mumbai surfaced, not knowing what to talk about and what to say to the news hungry Indian public and to satisfy the hunger of the extremists political faction in India, Indian media and the security forces without investigating, like always involved Pakistan.

Pakistan on the other had has extended all possible cooperation in the investigations and has also agreed to send the director of ISI to Mumbai on the request of the Prime Minister of India.

Pakistani President while speaking to the Indian President today once again reassured that Pakistan is ready to cooperate and asked to share the evidence gathered in this regard, he said Pakistan will take all possible action against the terrorists, individuals and the organization that will be found involved in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. But as usually India has not come up with any evidences of Pakistan’s possible involvement.

Pakistan defense analysts spoke about the India propaganda about Pakistan, described the Indian stance as an eye washer that is built up to ease off the pressure on India built by the India extremists political party BJP. The present Indian government which was inching towards better relationship with Pakistan and such cordial relationship between the two countries was not liked by BJP and other Hindu extremists political parties, they had to turn tables and hinder the peace process. They have been successful and the congress walked right into their trap.

No one can rule out the fact of the involvement of the Indian military men in the terrorists activities resulting in the death of around 200 people in India. Initially India had pointed towards Pakistan and held its neighbor responsible for the killings but in depth investigation led to find the involvement of Hindu extremists in carrying out the terrorists activities in India.

With India threatening Pakistan with a possible attack on Pakistani soil, Pakistan will be left with no option but pull is military and security forces from the western front and deploy them on the eastern borders for the security of the country and Pakistan has also notified the US about their decision.

The Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari, as said by the political analysts, has made a mistake of saying that Pakistan will not use the nuclear option first. The backward tilt of the Pakistani President has been misread, which he took solely to improve the bilateral relationship between the two countries.

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