Celebrities take publicity into their own hands with blogging

2008-11-29 17:53:39 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Entertainment News)

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Lauren Conrad

Celebrity blogs let stars use their own voice to speak to the public - not a public relations agent

Hollywood, California (CaymanMama.com) — The technology age has made it possible for people to communicate from one side of the globe to another, in all language, across all racial barriers.

For some, the benefit of using this technology has helped to create - or mend a public image - specifically for celebrities. Celebrity news can make or break a celebrity’s image and in the fast past world, the rich and famous are taking that image into their own hands.

According to Reuters, stars are starting to take to their own Web sites and blogs creating personal posts to discuss current news, do rumor control, and over take a “do-it-yourself approach to managing their public images.”

By taking out the middle man and talking directly to fans, stars have replaced the typical publicist to manage scandals and the such.

“You want to have a constant dialogue with your fans, you can’t just do a news flash every three months and expect people to understand what you’re doing,” said Tyler Goldman, chief executive of Buzznet Inc.

After Lindsay Lohan was attacked with bags of flour in Paris for sporting a fur coat, a close friend of the star took to her blog and slammed PETA for acting out.  Reality star Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” used her blog this month to counter a claim in the news that he threw a diva fit at a New York airport.

Stars mainly make personal, public statements on any one of their social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook, where their statements will be instantly syndicated by various news agencies who quote their direct words.

“A celebrity can go on their MySpace profile and they can write before they go to bed,” said Angie Allgood, director of talent relations and content for MySpace. “And if they read something on the Internet or a gossip blog, they don’t have to wait until the next morning and go through their publicist, they can put something on their blog and know that that goes out immediately.”

Other stars that have taken to writing their own news and blogs included Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian.

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