Study finds Hurricane Katrina kids are anemic

2008-11-30 23:29:21 (GMT) ( - Health News News)

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Hurricane Katrina kids

A new study released by Children’s Health Fund notes many children in Katrina trailer parks are anemic 

New Orleans, Louisiana ( — Residents of Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Louisiana are still trying to recover from the after effects of the devastating distaster, though some are fairing worse than others.

Sadly, a new study study released Monday by the Children’s Health Fund says that many of the displaced infants and toddlers who lived in Louisiana’s largest trailer park are now anemic due to consuming poor diets, “at a rate more than four times the national average.”

According to the study, nearly 41 percent of 77 children under the age of 4 suffered from the blood condition this year. It is estimated that probably all of the children resided in the Renaissance Village trailer park in Baker.

Anemia is an iron deficiency in the blood and causes fatigue and learning problems. A heightened deficiency in youngsters can lead to an unfortunate delay in growth and development and even cause heart murmurs.

The national rate for kids of that age is below 10 percent. Louisiana leads with one of the country’s highest anemia rates, “with about 24 percent of all children below the age of 5 affected” as per the 2007 Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance survey.

“Now it’s more difficult, because they’re no longer in the trailer area. They’re dispersed around the state. So it’s a little harder to get follow-up,” said Dr. Jimmy Guidry, Louisiana’s health officer. - Press Release Distribution Service


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