Can’t buy a home? Give your home a makeover with Frisco faux painter, Evie’s Easel

2008-12-04 05:05:16 (GMT) ( - Dallas News News)

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Dallas/Frisco Evie’s Easel homeowners talks about adding color and added value instead using original decorative painting techniques instead of moving in this rough housing market

Frisco, Texas ( — There is no denying the fact that America is in a crisis. Virtually every aspect of the nation’s marketplace is in limbo causing consumers to worry about spending any of their hard-earned money.

For those looking to buy a home, the outlook is grim. Many people looking to buy a home are now worried that property values will continue to fall leaving their hopes for the American dream simply that — a dream.

Homeowners are now being let in on a little secret that will not only give their home a lift, it will give their spirits a lift too. For those that are apprehensive about buying a new home, the best option during this financial situation is to give their current home a makeover while adding increased value to their property in the process!

Giving a makeover to an existing set of cabinets, guest bathroom or kitchen will instantly increase a home’s value and make the home the talk of the neighborhood.

Eva Musquiz, Chief Creative Artist of Evie’s Easel, invites Dallas and Frisco homeowners to stop worrying about buying a new home and consider adding color and increased value using original decorative painting techniques including impressive murals, color washing, glazing or faux venetian plaster.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing and the residents of the Frisco Lakes community in North Dallas has made Evie’s Easel the contractor of choice in the largest of the Frisco housing areas. Evie’s Easel caters to any type of decorative painting desire such as fun wall lettering for a child’s room, ceiling murals, cabinetry refinish work, tile backsplashes, and fireplace textures.

“Homeowners shouldn’t be worried about all that comes with moving to a new home when they virtually have a blank canvas to work with already,” says Eva. “You will be amazed at how just a few decorative painting techniques will breathe new life in a home, changing its overall look and feel.”

Evie’s Easel caters to residential and commercial customers of all sizes by providing personal service and creative ideas for any style and taste.

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