New York car accident claims - no fault, uninsured or underinsured claims

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In New York, car accidents happen with a greater frequency as compared to other cities in the US. The injured may not be the driver of a car nor would he/she be seated in the passengers seat. The injured could be a pedestrian who gets hit by a speeding driver speeding or the driver of the vehicle might be drunk or under influence of drugs. Such cases involve fast reporting of the case to the police and a need to immediately hire a New York car accident lawyer who is experienced in handling car accident cases in New York.

People involved in the car accidents in New York learn through the guidance of car accident attorneys in New York that insurance companies are not that easy to handle. The complexities of insurance coverage, if dealt with professionally, might help the injured to claim no fault benefits, uninsured motorist claims and /or underinsurance claims.

No Fault claims

No faults claims, as stated in the New York car accident law, must be filed within 30 days of the accident. These can be paid to the drivers of the car, the passengers and the pedestrians who get injured in collusion regardless of the fault or cause of the accident. The payments by the insurance company includes medical hospitalization, lost wages, prescription drugs, housekeeping, transportation to and from the doctor or the hospital.

Uninsured or Underinsured claim

Well! Most of the car accident injured are not well aware of their won insurance policy clauses. The Insurance policy provides for car accident injured that if a pedestrian is hit by an vehicle which is uninsured he/she can claim for damages through his / her own automobile insurance policy, as it would provides coverage up to the extent of the uninsured limits of the insurance policy.

New York state, through the Motor Vehicle Indemnification Corporation (MVAIC), also provides claims to the people who are injured in car accidents in New York to those who do not posses any automobile at the time of accident, including no fault benefits. Such cases must be reported within 24 hours of the accident with a notice being sent to MVAIC within 90 days.

Car accident lawyers are the best people to help the injured claim compensation that is rightfully due. They have the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the car accident cases, insurance company’s issues and limits and rights set forth in New York car accident law. - Press Release Distribution Service


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