International news of March 24, 2009 - Afghanistan ‘exit strategy’ in making says Obama

2009-03-24 14:38:58 (GMT) ( - World News News)

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International news of March 24, 2009

  • US President wants comprehensive ‘Exit Strategy’ as more US troops pore into Afghanistan
  • Suicide bomber kills 23 in Iraq
  • India and US to work together on nuclear non proliferation
  • 9/11 ‘sleeper agent’ pleads ‘not guilty’
  • “Made to Order’ services launched by ‘Warner Bros.’

US President wants comprehensive ‘Exit Strategy’ as more US troops pour into Afghanistan

Washington: As more troops are due to arrive in Afghanistan, the US president Barrack Obama has started to look for an exit strategy from Afghanistan by saying the US troops stay in Afghanistan is not perpetual. He was replying to question put forward to him at an interview with CBS 60 minutes. He said, ‘What we’re looking for is a comprehensive strategy. And there’s got to be an exit strategy. There’s got to be a sense that this is not perpetual drift.’

He reiterated that, ‘Making sure that al Qaeda cannot attack the US homeland and US interests and our allies. That’s our number one priority.’

Suicide bomber kills 23 in Iraq

Baghdad: At least 23 people were reported dead after the suicide bomb attack in Iraq. The bomb blast took place in a tent filled with Kurdish mourners in the northern town in Iraq, in the area where the Arabs and the Kurds are fighting to gain power.

The Turkish President had also stressed on unearthing the Kurd rebels in Iraq who are responsible for cross border attacks in Turkey using Iraqi lands as their sanctuaries.

India and US to work together on nuclear non proliferation

Washington: A senior US diplomat, yesterday said that Obama administration is seeking co-operation with India on nuclear non proliferation. He said that, ‘Both the United States and India have the responsibility to help to craft a strengthened NPT regime to foster safe, affordable nuclear power to help the globe’s energy and environment needs, while assuring against the spread of nuclear weapons.’

9/11 ‘sleeper agent’ pleads ‘not guilty’

Peoria, III (Reuters): Ali al-Marri, an Arab with dual nationality of Qatar and Saudi Arabia who has been in US custody for over 6 years has pleaded not guilty to the charges of terrorism cited against him. He has been marked as ‘enemy combatant’ after being arrested from Peoria in December 2001.

“Made to Order” services launched by ‘Warner Bros.’

Los Angeles (Reuters); The recession had forced Warner Bros. to open up its film library to people by offering ‘Made to Order’ DVDs. The service with will help film fans to buys old films. 150 titles are made available by the film giant through their online service - Press Release Distribution Service


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