US Energy Secretary says painting roofs white will save energy

2009-05-27 16:26:04 (GMT) ( - Green Energy News)

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Steven Chu meeting with President Barack Obama

Greensboro, North Carolina ( — US Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to paint the town white, or at least, the world’s houses white.

Chu announced Tuesday that the Obama administration wants to paint roofs white, a color that best reflects energy, in an effort to move forward on climate change symposium in London.

Chu, a Nobel laureate in physics, says a “new revolution” in energy generation is absolutely necessary to drastically decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

But he cautioned there is no instant fix for taking on climate change, adding that a range of actions should be implemented, including painting flat roofs white.

Giving roads and roofs a paler color would have the same effect of removing every car in the world off the road for 11 years, Chu said.

According to the AFP, “It was a geo-engineering scheme that was “completely benign” and would keep buildings cooler and reduce energy use from air conditioning, as well as reflecting sunlight back away from the Earth.”

In addition, painting cars in cool or light colors could create considerable energy savings for air conditioning units, he said.

Chu said a new way of thinking is needed to reduce the amount of carbon created by power generation.

He said: “The industrial revolution was a revolution in the use of energy. It offloaded from human and animal power into using fossil fuels.

“We have to go to a different new revolution that can severely decrease the amount of carbon emissions in the generation of energy.” - Press Release Distribution Service


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