Start-up motor company, Coda Automotive unveils electric car for U.S.

2009-06-04 16:56:24 (GMT) ( - Automotive green News)

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Coda electric car

Pasadena, California ( –A start-up motor company based in Santa Monica, Calif., Coda Automotive, will reveal a new electric car on Thursday which it plans to begin selling in California in 2010, with plans to launch nationwide later on.

The five-passenger sedan will run off of Chinese-made batteries, giving the driver the ability to run 90 to 120 miles per charge. The price tag is higher than most, selling for about $45,000 before federal and state rebates are applied.

This ‘green’ car got its name after the music symbol that takes a musician to a last section of a piece that brings it to an end.

“This is the start of bringing electric vehicle technology to the market,” said CEO, Kevin Czinger, CEO of Coda. The objective was to build a safe, affordable car that was able to reach the market quickly, he said.

The Coda electric car will come with a four-star crash protection, a computer-set top speed of 80 miles per hour and the ability to zoom from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 11 seconds.

This impressive little vehicle was constructed around the chassis of an existing Chinese vehicle with some design inspiration from the Porsche, Czinger said.

The recharging process will work from a 220-volt outlet in about six hours, and will cost approximately $3 in electricity to drive 100 miles. It will come standard with power door locks and windows, navigation system, satellite radio and other extras.

Czinger says he hopes to sell 2,700 Codas in California next year. - Press Release Distribution Service


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