Dallas personal injury law firm offers Insurance litigation services

2009-07-01 03:39:18 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Law Press Release News)

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Dallas, Texas -  When insurance companies fail to carry out their obligations towards their clients, deny or underpay a claim, they are in a breach of contract, even though their clients have duty fully paid their premiums. Accident’s do happen, people loose their lives, property or suffer sever damages and at many instances the insurance companies deny them their rights. This is the time when the Dallas Insurance litigation attorneys of Eberstein & Witherite can help.

Eberstein & Witherite explain that, “The Texas Insurance Code also requires that the company pay your worthy claim in a timely fashion.  The company is prohibited from falsely informing you that your policy does not cover the damage you suffered, unnecessarily denying your claim, or offering an inappropriately low amount to settle the claim.”

The learned and knowledgeable attorneys at the Dallas personal injury law firm, who have been fighting for the rights for their injured clients have the right exposure of taking on to the insurance companies who either deny claims or underpay their clients. “You are not powerless,” says the Dallas, Texas Insurance litigation lawyers.

About Eberstein & Witherite, the Texas litigation lawyers:

The personal injury law firm of Eberstein & Witherite, LLP are skilled injury attorneys, well versed in Texas insurance litigation. The Dallas Insurance litigation law firm has helped many insurance policy holders in getting the rightful insurance claims through unwavering advocacy from insurance companies issuing life insurance policies, fire insurance, health insurance, health insurance and automobile insurance. The lawyers at Eberstein & Witherite have also helped homeowners in getting first party bad faith claims involving plumbing leaks, foundation problems, hail damages, water damages, roof damage and other such claim that had been mishandled and denied by the insurance companies.

“Come to us, if you or any one you know have had a bad experience with the insurance company and if you have been denied the rightful claim amount, we can help you in getting what you deserve,’ says Attorney Amy Witherite

Call (888) 407 - 6669 or visit http://www.dallastexaspersonalinjurylawyers.com to learn more

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