Iraqi citizens celebrate ‘Sovereignty Day’ in streets of Baghdad

2009-07-01 03:37:06 (GMT) ( - World News News)

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Young Iraqi children celebrate

Buffalo, New York ( — Festivals and celebrations erupted in the streets of Baghdad Tuesday as Iraqis marked their long-awaited ‘Sovereignty Day’, the deadline for American troops to pull out of Iraq’s towns and cities.

The festivities were kept to a dull roar, however, due to worries over reignited violence as insurgents aimed to use Tuesday as a reason to launch new attacks.

During a White House event on technological innovation, President Barack Obama said pulling out U.S. troops meant that Iraq’s future now resides in the hands of its leaders and people.

“The Iraqis are rightly treating this day as a cause for celebration,” Obama said.

At least 30 Iraqi citizens, including women and children, lost their lives in what security sources described as a “huge bombing” Tuesday in the northern oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

Dozens more were injured in the attack which took place on a crowded shopping area in a predominantly Kurdish part of the highly disputed Iraqi city.

Hundreds more have died in a string of violent attacks over the past 10 days, following months of relative peace. - Press Release Distribution Service


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