Web Design Company Explains Personality Types - How to sell to a Technologist- Part 4

2009-07-29 03:52:55 (GMT) (Caymanmama.com - Website Announcement News)

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Selling to a Analytical Thinker

Dallas, Texas (CaymanMama.com) — Selling a product or a service to a Technologist, often called a Thinker or an Analytic, is a delicate balance of persistence and organization of details.

Common Technologists are doctors, engineers, architects, web developers, accountants, and paralegals.

Naturally, these types of customers prefer to be exact and want anything they purchase to fall under those guidelines as well. This means that during the sales process, Technologists want to know the bottom line — logic seals the deal, emotion is the death of a deal.

To be effective at selling to a Technologist, explain the inner workings of the product or service, and how it works. Perfectionists by nature, this personality type is focused and organized. When presented with details, a Technologist will analyze them and when given instruction, this type will follow them exactly in order to get the result promised.

Technologists have a reputation of being difficult to establish a rapport with from the start, and can become picky and easily annoyed if they encounter a problem in a system. This personality type must be presented with all the facts before they will make a decision. As a positive attribute to that, however, a Technologist is dependable and will follow through with what they have agreed upon.

Quick Selling Tips:
- Take your time! Write down all information you wish to present or create a diagram.
- The more data you can give a Technologist, the better.
- Be precise in all data.

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By: Erin Musquiz - Dallas web design, lawyer marketing, ad agency - OneSEOCompany.com. At One SEO Company, we specialize in selling your product and services to the right personality type.

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